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Understanding Angel and Venture Capital Funding - What is there for Early Stage innovator & Entrepreneurs

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Speaker Mr. Sushanto Mitra | Entrepreneurship Development

Learning Objectives

Right stage of innvation or startup to approach Angel or VC

What are the checklist before approach angle and VC fund

How to make backgroud check to identify Right Angel/ VC Agency

What are the stage of VC and angel funding

Speaker Profile

Mr. Sushanto Mitra
CEO, Lead Angels

Sushanto Mitra is an Entrepreneur who has been associated with the early stage ecosystem in India for more than 15 years. with prior experience in consulting and financial services.

As the Founder & CEO of Lead Angels - started initially by a team of three originally from IIT Bombay to assist early-stage investments in start-ups. Sushanto has taken the network to over 130+ members/investors across the globe.

Lead Angels, today has gone beyond Angel Investing. The network has a process-driven investment approach and provides 360° support across all stages to investee companies. Lead Angels, today, is a full-stack financial services company for startups. Apart from investments, Lead Advisory assists startups in follow-on fundraising while LA Management & Professional Services supports compliance and governance requirements of these companies. Specifically, they also provide assistance to academic institutions & organizations for capacity building and value creation through startups.

With 30+ investments over the past 5 years, Lead Angels’ portfolio and clients boast of marquee names viz. SuprDaily, Planet Superheroes, AHA Taxi, Shopkirana, and Doubtnut to name a few.

His prior assignments include founding CEO, Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, (SINE) IIT Bombay, and Director Hyderabad Angels. A TIE Chartered member, he is also a part of the advisory committee at premier incubators in India as well as undertaken multiple training programs for Government & Private organizations such as IIT Bombay, DST, ISRO, CSIR. Carletron Uiniversity, Tata Communications, and UNAPCTT on startups and startup management.

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