Dear Teacher,

Greetings from Ministry of Education's Innovation Cell, AICTE and CBSE!

Considering the approach and queries received for IPR module of SIATP Training program we have designed a Lite version that will help you to view and complete the course in seamless manner, without any prerequisites of assignments or file uploads.

COURSE WILL ONLY BE OFFERED ON LEARNING.PATCOGNOS.COM and not on APP. Platform is mobile friendly, it can be opened on mobile browser as well.

Queries we received during the previous sessions were standard over all hence we decided to follow the roadmap considering “Teacher’s Approach”.

This lite version has been designed and developed to provide USER friendly experience under one console with minimum technical operations.

For course completion please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: log onto the website and navigate to the option of registered or login on top right.

  • In case you have already registered on the previous console you don't have to register again but you have to reset your password in order to access this new light console.
  • So, let us begin, go to the register tab if you are a new user and you have not registered on the previous console, once you click on register a simple form will open that will ask the details you have to enter
  • Login or register only with the registered email ID that you used while filling up the Google form circulated by MIC previously.
  • Once you fill all the details and click on register you will get a verification screen that will ask for a verification code sent on your email ID that you entered in registration form. Go to your email and look for the verification code sent by PatCognos learning and copy the code or type it in the verification window, once your code matches you will be redirected to the login window.

Step 2: Now if you registered you can access the dashboard of the light version and you have to click on classes on the top or for easy approach you can simply go to the homepage and click on intellectual property rights for teachers as this is the only course that you have to enroll without paying any amount on PatCognos learning platform.

Step 3: Once you click on this course you will see the descriptive page consisting of introduction, lessons of this training program. On the right side you will see the enroll button (you can see the enroll button only if you are logged in. So, make sure in order to proceed you must register or log in).

  • Once clicked on enroll button you will automatically get enrolled and the course will be added in your account to proceed further, considering the challenges faced in the previous console by many teachers this particular training of IPR will be done only on website and not on app.
  • Now you are enrolled in the course and you can start watching the videos given in the content section. To ensure the quality and agile method of learning, you have to click on the green button once you see the video or if you have seen the video in the past. This is provided just to check your promptness, seriousness and diligence in learning the course.

Step 4: once all the lessons are completed and the consent of watching the video is recorded you can see the QUIZ section in the last, once you click on start quiz, your assessment will start and you will be having set of questions that you have to answer, make sure you prepare well in advance in order to pass the assessment else you have to take another chance to complete the IPR training module. For ease of the teachers, maximum of five attempts are given to complete student innovation ambassador training program for intellectual property rights.

Once you complete the quiz make sure you click the finish button, if you have attempted all the questions there is a counter given on the top that will show you how many questions you have attempted and how many are left. After marking your submissions and clicking on finish button, result will be displayed in front of you.

As a final step you have to go to your dashboard to see the final submission and the status of your assessment that is passed or failed in order to confirm to your SPOC for the same.

We are here to assist you further with any issues related to academics or technical domain of IPR module. Feel free to reach us at in case you are facing any issues in platform or have any doubt in lessons. You can create a support ticket from the platform also but considering technical and operational limitations we suggest to send an email as first priority.

I am sure to receive the cooperation of all the future shapers of our country with a belief that there is always a scope of improvement.

Let us make India better with innovation ecosystem building at grassroot level.