Module: Idea Generation and Handholding

Session Topics
1 Idea Generation & Validation - Idea validation
2 How to identify students capable of out-of-box-thinking? &'Role of teachers in identifying, Nurturing/handholding good ideas
3 Co-founder & Team formation & Bootstrapping
4 Startup Stage detailing: Importance of Mentor and community
5 Understanding an MVP
6 Type of company Incorporation
7 How to develop a product / Service (Build, Measure and Learn Loop)
8 Importance of traction
9 What is pitch and its importance
10 Who is angle investor & Understand exit of angle investor Stage
11 Understanding Venture Capital Stage
12 Understanding scalability and its barriers
13 Funding Ideas for Start Up & The Investment Equation
14 Startup terms you ought to know
15 The Roles of Incubators, Accelerators, Co-working Spaces, Mentors, and Events in the Startup Development Process