Module : Entrepreneurship & Product / Prototype Development

Session Topics
1 Recap on Idea Generation
2 Idea Screening
3 Planning & Technical Design: Develop a plan of action on how to go about developing a prototype and the number of steps involved in it.
4 Product Development: Build a working prototype considering functionality, usability, and ergonomics.
5 Viability & Review: Analyze the product building cost and other financial aspects involved in the production.
6 Iteration: Devise ways in which production can be carried out simpler and less costly to refine the process of manufacturing/production
7 Prototype Testing: Test the fully built prototype from all aspects such as functionality and durability.
8 Marketability & Commercialization: Strategise and get the product ready for market launch considering product pricing and maximum market penetration.
9 Marketability & Commercialization: Practical approach to converting an Idea into BUSINESS IDEA, generating a BUSINESS MODEL, and preparing a BUSINESS PLAN
10 Real-World Examples of Product Development Processes? Key Difference Between Developing Products at a Startup vs. a Large Business?
11 Session on Pitching the Product
12 Panel Discussion with successful innovators/entrepreneur and teachers